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Company Profile

Avrot Intdustries Ltd. Was established as a partnership in 1984, and was presented to the
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange as a public company in 1992.
Avrot specializes in the lining and coating of steel pipes for various end uses, such as
transportation of water, sewage, sea-water, gas and petrol in the industrial, municipal and
agricultural sectors.

Avrot utilizes the most advanced technology in the world for the development and production
of linings and coatings for pipes and pipe accessories and their subsequent adaptation to the
local market, with special emphasis on their suitability to the geographic and climatic conditions
in the country.

Avrot has accumulated extensive experience in this field over the years and applies this in a
most professional manner when manufacturing its products. At the head of the company's
priorities stands its reputation for quality, service and responsibility.

The company's products are made to the highest official standards as dictated by the Standards
Institution of Israel. The quality control systems are periodically monitored and approved by the
Institution in order to fulfill the requirements for the international ISO 9001:2008.

Constant research and development, along with collaboration with others in special fields, form
the base for the development of new products and the ongoing improvement of existing ones.
Avrot's engineers are constantly engaged in the improvement of products and their adaptation
to the ever-changing demands of the market.

The knowledge and experience accumulated by the company together with its expert on-site field
service serve as a base for the close contacts established over the years between Avrot and its
many clients throughout the country. Avrot's highly respected reputation is a result of its consistent
efforts to maintain a high quality level over the years, while offering suitable on-site solutions and
constant development of new products.

Avrot leads the Israeli market in the field of lining and coating of steel pipes with its diverse types
and uses, while providing solutions for the client's requirements and constantly changing needs.