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About Us דוח פומבי לשנת 2023 חוק שכר שווה לעובד ולעובדת Company Profile Activities Avrot Protected Steel Pipes     - APC Pipes
    - Internal Lining by Cement Mortar
    - External Coating by Cement Mortar
    - Heat shrinkable tape (SHT-330)
    - Heat shrinkable sheet (SHS-340)
Paladex Sewage & Drainage Pipes     - Typical cross-section of a Paladex pipe
    - Pipes Dimensions
    - Hydraulic Properties
    - Kazaflex
Chetzem Plastline Engineering Solutions     -
Solutions Sewage & Drainage Seawater Drinking water Oil & Gas Gravity Drainage & Sewage
Information Technical Information-Paladex Avrot Catalog Paladex catalog Palastorm -rain and stormwater managment system Mechanical, Hydraulic & Static Data Heat Shrinkable Installation International & Israeli Standards     -
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