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External Coating by Cement Mortar

Technical specification

1. General
    This specification describes the technical demands and characteristics of
    cement mortar coating on steel pipes. In the majority of cases these pipes
    are internally lined with cement mortar as anti-corrosion protection.
    The purpose of cement mortar coating is to offer ant-corrosion and
    mechanical protection. Cement mortar coated pipes can be laid in
    channels without any prior sand-bedding. The pipes are also suitable for
    laying directly in rocky areas.

2. Sorting and naming
2.1 20mm Cement mortar
      20mm cement mortar is applied directly on the steel pipe.
2.2 APC-4
      20mm cement mortar is applied on the extruded polyethylene exterior
      coating (APC-3) as anti-corrosion and mechanical protection.  


3. Pipes and materials
    The pipes and materials used in the preparation of the coating comply
    with their relevant standards and specifications as detailed below:
3.1 Pipes
      The piped comply with requirements of Israeli Standards 103, 530, 593.
      The internal lining complies with Israeli Standard SI 5207.
3.2 Materials
      The materials, including cement, aggregates, reinforcing net
      and additional materials comply with requirements of Israeli Standard
      Specification 266.4.

4. Coating layer
    The coating layer is manufactured in one piece and is composed of
    cement and mineral aggregates that strengthen the concrete and reduce
    absorption of water. A polymer net supports the cement, polymer fibers
    strengthen the concrete and reduce its tendency to crack and other
    additives improve the durability of the concrete. Plastic sheeting is wound
    around the cement mortar. This serves as a marker and reduces loss of
    water during the curing process. (Note: After curing the sheeting can be
    removed). The pipe end is not coated, enabling welding and any other
    accepted means of connection.