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Heat shrinkable tape (SHT-330)

        1. General

SHT-330 is a hand-wrapped heat shrinkable tape designed for corrosion protection of
straight pipes, fittings, bends, elbows and other irregular configurations. It has a
cross-linked polyethylene backing coated with butyl rubber based thermoplastic adhesive.

2.    Characteristics
        a.    Primer is not needed prior to the application of the tape. 
        b.    Excellent resistance to abrasion, impact and penetration.
        c.    Excellent resistance to temperature changes, soil stress,
         hydrostatic pressure and chemical corrosion.
        d.    Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding, microorganisms and bacteria.
        e.    Easy application in all pipe diameters, well suited to all on-site repairs and
         coating of all types of fitting.
        f.     No special skills or equipment are required. The tape is applied within
         minutes using propane torch.
3.    End uses
        a.    Corrosion protection for welded joints on gas, oil and water pipes.
        b.    Corrosion protection for pipe fittings such as elbows, T's and adapters.
4.    Installation
            a.    Clean welded joint with a steel brush.

            b.    Using a propane torch, heat the welded joint to about 60ºC.

            c.    Remove the protective lining from the tape and attach to the beginning of the
                   coating, heat with a propane torch and press down firmly, using a gloved hand.

            d.    Wrap the tape around the pipe, with a minimum overlap of 15mm
                   (do not use primer).

            e.    Heat the end of the tape and press down firmly, using a gloved hand.

            f.     Finish off by heating the tape on the pipe. Heat uniformly around the pipe and
                   use a gloved hand to remove any trapped air. Wait for complete cooling.