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Internal Lining by Cement Mortar

Technical Specification – According to SI 5207 (EN 10289) 

1. General
    This specification describes the technical demands and characteristics of
     the internal cement mortar lining in steel pipes. The purpose of the lining
     is to provide anti-corrosion protection for the internal part of the pipe.

2. Sorting and naming
    a. Regular cement lining – Lined with Portland cement. End use:
        drinking water and irrigation.
    b. Alumina cement lining – Lined with chalk-free High Alumina Cement.
        This cement excels in strength, has high chemical resistance
        (up to pH4), is suitable for use with sewage and is highly durable.
    c. Seawater cement lining – Lined with High Sulfate cement according
        to the German standard DIN 1164-1. Seawater cement is suitable for
        transportation of salty and sea water.

3. Pipe and materials
    The pipes and materials used in the preparation of the coating all comply
    with their relevant standards and specifications as detailed below:
3.1 Pipes
     The pipes comply with requirements of Israeli standards 103, 530 or 593.
     The internal lining complies with requirements of Israeli Standard SI 5207
3.2 Materials
      The materials, including cement, aggregates, water and additional
      materials comply with requirements of Israeli Standard SI 5207.
4. Lining layer
    The lining is centrifugally manufactured, producing a uniform compressed
    area of internal concrete. The thickness of the concrete is shown in table
    no.1 below:

Table no.1

Liming thickness
Nominal diameter of pipe
2.5 – 2
1 ½ - 2
6 – 3
3 - 4
8 – 4.5
10 – 6
11 – 6.5
22 – 12
5 – 8.5
32 – 24