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Paladex pipelines are structures wall pipes steel reinforces polyethylene (HDPE).

* External layer – Black spiral HDPE reinforced with stee
* Internal layer – Smooth blue colored HDPE

The perforation is along the pipe. The number of the perforation depends on the design requirement.

Two methods for covering the pipes with filters:

* Neotextile fabric filter  
* Gravel filter


The filter type is determined according to the type of the ground.

The filter wrapping has several functions:

* Avoiding blockage of the drain perforation
* Increasing contact area with the pipe
* Mechanical protection of the pipe

Pipe length: The pipe is manufactured in 7 meter length

Connectors: Plug-socket

Dimensions: Pipes with internal diameters of 400-1200 square meters

Usages:         Drainage of ground water and rain

                       Drainage of areas used for agriculture    

                       Tunnel drainage

                       Drainage of road sides