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Pipe fittings with internal cement mortar lining and external epoxy coating
Technical specification 

This specification describes the requirements and characteristics of APC FITTINGS internally lined with cement mortar and externally coated with FBE epoxy. APC FITTINGS are designed for welding and connection to APC-3 cement mortar coated pipes. These fittings are suitable for underground, underwater and aerial installation. The fittings are designed for transportation of water and other fluids and gasses.

2.    Materials 
2.1 Steel fittings
2.1.1    Various fittings such as elbows, T's and adapters made from seamless heat-processed
pipe according to Standard Specification ASTM A234/A 234M or any other standard.
2.1.2     Other welded fittings according to requirements.
2.2   Exterior coating material – Thermosetting epoxy powder designed for application in
 a fluidized bed according to fusion-bonded epoxy technology (FBE).
2.3   Internal cement lining material – All materials including cement, aggregates, water
and other materials comply with requirements of Israeli Standard SI 5207.

3.    External coating process
3.1  Shot blast cleaning to a cleanliness level of SA 2½ and a roughness level 40µ-90µ.
3.2  Blocking of openings to avoid penetration materials.
3.3  Pre-heating in oven up to 250ºc.
3.4  Immersion in bath of suspended epoxy powder.
3.5  Setting of epoxy.
3.6  Water-cooling
3.7  Removal of opening blockings, Testing and marking.
4.    Internal lining
4.1  Cleaning
4.2  Application of uniform layer of cement mortar to internal fitting surface.
4.3  Smoothing of concrete in controlled conditions.
4.4  Testing, marking and packing.
5.    Types of internal cement
5.1  Regular cement for water networks and general usage.
5.2  High-Alumina cement for sewage and wastage up to pH of 3.5.
5.3  Seawater cement based on high sulfate cement for salty and sea waters.

6.    Main characteristics
6.1  The characteristics of the external coating are according to the requirements of
Standard AWWA C213. The main characteristics are listed below:
6.1.1     Standard coating thickness of at least 400µ.
6.1.2     Continuity: the external coating is continuous without any hollows or holes, a
continuity test is applied using high voltage electricity.
6.1.3     The minimum adhesive strength is 12N/mm2.
6.1.4     Dielectric strength: At least 20kv.
6.1.5     Resistance to cathodic disbonding: Maximum separation radius during test
at a voltage of 1500mv.
a.    Test at 23ºc for 28 days: 10mm
b.    Test at 65 ºc for 48 hours: 15 mm
6.1.6     Electrical resistance: At least 20,000 MΩ
6.1.7     Impact resistance: At least 15J
6.1.8     Water absorption: At 20ºc for 28 days: 0%.
6.2 Characteristics of internal cement mortar
6.2.1  Cement thickness:
a.    For 2" fittings: 2-2.5mm
b.    For 3"-4" fittings: 3-6mm
c.    For 6"-10" fittings: 4.5-8mm
d.    For 12"-22" fittings: 6.5-11mm
e.    For 24"-32" fittings: 8.5-15mm
6.2.2  The characteristics of the internal lining are according to Israeli Standard Specification 266.1.