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The company is a leader in the protection from corrosion.                               
It was founded in 1961 and located in the center of the country, in Kibbutz "Beerot-Yitzhak".
The factory specializes in providing solutions to protect against corrosion by protective coating,
dyeing and metal blasting.

Avrot industries Ltd. , the leader industry in pipes coating and Chetzem which specializes
in painting and protection from corrosion were united into the leading body in the field of coating
and painting. The unification of the two companies and the professional collaboration increase
the capacity of providing various and perfect coating solutions.

Chetzem has the most advanced equipment, a wide variety of art to perform a range of coatings.
All the works are carried out under optimal conditions, in interior structures, in strict accordance
with the minimal exposure to moisture and difficult weather conditions that have critical influence
on the various processes.

Quality assurance

Chetzem is working according to the international standard ISO 9001 in consulting and carrying
out various jobs in protection from corrosion. It includes a quality assurance department the follows
each step.       

provides painting for protection for food and drinking water according to international
standards NFS 61, WRC, FDA and others.


provides consulting for protection against corrosion free with no charge.


* Protection against corrosion
* Steel and sand blasting
* Epoxy powder and polyester coating in oven-roasting
* Synthetic colors coating
* Epoxy colors coating and calciner heating
* Polyurethane color coating
* Decorative coating colors
* Metals spraying

Abrasive blasting
Abrasive blasting equipment with sand and grains steel and glass.
Industrial painting
Industrial and decorative painting for constructions, pipes and equipment for every size;
from small and fragile structures to huge facilities for seawater desalination.
Painting of up to 6 meters provides calcined colors for better protection in difficult
corrosion conditions.
Interior cleaning and painting of pipelines
Special structure for the controlled and homogenized interior pipe cleaning with special inner
painting equipment up to 12 meters in length.
Spray coating
Glossy spray coating with zinc and aluminums with Fiberglas plating.
Clean and air-conditioned painting room
Not long ago, Chetzem opened its inaugural clean and air-conditioned painting room for quality
works and special decorations such as parts of furniture, electrical equipment, art and more.
External constructions wing
Country wide painting and cleaning.
Leading technology

* Abrasive cleaning equipment

* Claciner for paint
* Equipment for the interior cleaning of the pipe
* Equipment for the interior painting of the pipe
* Spray coating system
* Closed and air-conditioned paint room