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Plastline Engineering Solutions

With 36 years' experience, Plastline is an industry leading in plastic manufacturing for
industrial, chemical industries, research and other purposes. Its' talents are specifically
emphasized in design, manufacture and establishment of unique projects and facilities.

employs approximately 50 employees with extensive experience and certification
in the various fields of the plastic industry. Its organizational structure enables to allocate
dedicated team for each project to ensure efficient and reliable coordination, providing
engineering solutions, schedule compliance and implementation of the optimal services offered.
Raw materials for manufacturing
FRP (Fiberglas), PVC, PPS, PE, PVDF, PP and other plastic materials.
A variety of applications made from the following materials:

* Baths and containers for production lines

* Storage containers
* Pipelines for transportation of chemicals
* Pipelines for transportation of raw and treated water
* Infrastructure for the collection and removal of bio-gas
* Ventilation tunnels, scrubbers (towers for gas cleaning), suction heads and extractor hoods.
* Collectors
* Protective shields
* Specific equipment by demand
Ability to execute

The operational ability of the company is based on the following components:

* Design and engineering team

* Trained personnel for manufacturing and installing
* Training and certification credentials for pipe welding of leading piping manufacturers
* Facilities, special machines and lifting equipment
* Quick organization capability and providing engineering solutions in a short time
* Compliance with safety standards and equipment shield as required
* Reliable service and availability 24 hours a day
Technological capability

Vending machines and tools that belong to the company

 Devices plastic piping welding up to 550Ø including electro fusion technologies
* Extruder welding devices for a variety of different thermoplastic materials
* Accurate chip processing machines
* A variety of equipment used for clipping, metals and plastic processing and welding
* A variety of formats for FRP products
* Lifting equipment and facilities

Construction projects using turn-key method:

* Inclusive project management

* Earthwork design and preparation of principle specifications
* Detailed planning
* Monitoring and updating schedulesEarthworks, civil engineering, workarounds,
  drainage, excavations, pipelines and infrastructure

* List of materials and quantities

* Supreme supervision
* Site management
Partial list of projects that were carried out:

* Manufacturing of conic PVC + FRP equipment with an internal volume of 55 m/c, for CH"D

* PP Baths production 13 meters long
* Manufacturing and installing PVC + FRP 15mc containers for "Tower semiconductors
* Panel lines and baths for Elad technologies Ltd.
* Desalination plants for I.D.E technologies Ltd. including installing FRP piping and PP tubing
* PE 450Ø pipelines for the Oil Refinery Ltd.
* Approximately 400 square meters open plan FRP dividers for pools in a biological facility, for the Oil Refinery Ltd.
* Double PE coating for concrete pools in the "Hagit" power station
* PP ventilation extractor ad tubing for "Microswiss"
* Infrastructures for collection and removal of bio-gas for "efe'e"
Piping facilities

Desalination plants for IDE

* Ashkelon and Hedera desalination facility

* 6 facilities ti India – over 130,000 a"c welding
* 2 facilities to Puerto Rico
* 2 facilities to Greece
* Desalination plant to Spain
* Desalination plant to the U.S-PP and FRP piping
* Desalination plants to Kazakhstan, Cyprus and Australia
* RO facility for "Deshanim" and the Oil Refinery Ltd.
* Approximately 3,000 meters piping in diameters of up to 225 square meters (including setting equipment)
* Tower Semicinductor FAB2
* FRP ventilation ducts for gas collection from machines
* Drainage piping and NPW for FAB2 project
* SS, PVC, PP, PVDF and CPVC piping in diameters of up to 315 square meters
* Work scope of approximately 1,900,000$
* PVDF and PP piping for sugar refinery facility – "TLGM"
* GRE pipeline 500 square meters diameter – for desalination facility in Palmachim

* Plastline has annual indenture contracts with most existing factories in the Haifa region,
  such as: Deshanim, the Oil refinery LTD., Carmel Olefines Ltd. and more.