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Paladex Sewage & Drainage Pipes

Paladex Ltd. from the Avrot group manufactures and markets Paladex pipes.

Paladex – Sewage and drainage pipes made by steel reinforced high density polyethylene (HDPE).
                 Diameter 400mm – 1500mm.

Paladex pipelines are used as infrastructures mainly for:

* Gravitation sewage systems.
* Drainage systems of roads, railways, tunnels, etc.

Paladex pipelines combine all the relative advantages of each and every one of the materials
it's built from. The mechanical strength, the ability to handle heavy loads, all comes from the steel.
The resistance against corrosion, abrasion resistance slip and excellent hydraulic connectivity
derive from the H.D.P.E.

Paladex pipelines are structures wall pipes steel reinforced polyethylene (HDPE).

External layer
– Black spiral HDPE reinforced with steel.
* Internal layer – smooth blue colored HDPE.

Paladex pipelines are manufactured in a unique technology specified with high mechanical
resistance – SN-8 along low weight compared to other alternative.


* Paladex pipes are manufactured and checked according to the Israeli Standard 5302 and
  meet the following:

* European standards based on standard EN-13476
* FranceCSTB SN-12
* ItalyIIP SN-12, SN-16