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Avrot Protected Steel Pipes

* General
  Avrot supplies steel pipes and fittings, internally and externally coated for mechanical
  and anti-corrosion protection. 

* Uses
  Closed pressure resistant pipes for transportation of fluids, such as water, sewage,
  seawater, irrigation, petrol and gas.

* Pipes
  a. Black pipes from 1/2" and above according to the standards:
      ISO 65 of according to any other standard requested by the client.

  b. Galvanized pipes from 1/2" to 4" according to Israeli standards 103 and 4314.

STANDARDS FOR STEEL PIPES: Comparison of Standards

Standards that are close to the SI Standards
EN 10255
ISO65: 1981
DIN 2444
DIN 2441
DIN 2440
SI 103
EN 10224/10217-1
DIN 2460
SI 530
SI 593
SI 4314

* On-Site connections

   a. For 1/2" to 3" suitable for external threads (Whitworth, according to BS21 or ISO 7)
       at both ends.

   b. For 3" to 20" – ready for welding for 24" and above - connecting by a bell.

* Internal Lining

   Use: Protection against internal corrosion.
   a. Portland cement mortar (according to SI 5207), manufactured centrifugally and suitable
       for drinking and irrigation water.

   b. Alumina cement mortar, manufactured centrifugally and suitable for sewage.

   c. Seawater cement mortar (high sulfate cement according to DIN 1164),
       manufactured centrifugally and suitable for the transportation of salty seawater.

         d. Coated in hot zinc (galvanized according to DIN 2444).

* External Coating

  Use: Protection against external corrosion and mechanical protection.

  a. APC
      Multi-layered coated of extruded polyethylene or polypropylene.
      Provides maximum protection against corrosion in all types of soil.
      This coating is noted for its great mechanical strength and excellent chemical
      protection (owing to its excellent blocking factors inherent in the coatings'
      components). This coating is especially suited to pipes connected to a
      cathodic protection system, APC coating is manufactured to the following
      standards: DIN 30-670, NF A 49-710,EN 10288, SI 5089.

  b. Cement Mortar Coating
      Cement mortar coating according to Israeli Standard Specification 266.4
      is noted for its excellent mechanical protection of the pipe. This coating
      consists of a combination of cement reinforced by polymer netting and
      special plastic fibers aimed at avoiding cracks. The strength and rigidity
      of the coating allow the laying of the pipes without any bedding preparation
      of the channel. This coating is especially suited to rocky or mountainous

  c. APC-EP
      The external coating of black steel and galvanized pipes with an epoxy type
      paint powder (APC-E) or polyester (APC-P) is suited to automatic fire extinguishing
      systems, air conditioning and variousplumbing systems.

  d. APC-GAL
      Three-layered extruded polyethylene coating for galvanized pipes.
      Provides excellent mechanical and chemical protection.
      Complies with SI 5089 and Israeli standard 1205

* Fittings

  APC Fittings
– Lined and coated pipe fittings. All the fittings are internally lined with
  smooth cement mortar and externally coated with epoxy (FBE) by means of an automatic
  fluidized system. This technology ensures the uniformity and quality of the pipe, with its
  powerful adhesion to steel, ensuring protection against corrosion for many years.